So just a heads up….

T-shirts and hoodies order forms are in and the order is going in today. If you didn’t get a chance to get your order in are interested
in getting school apparel we will be doing another t-shirt order in Jan/Feb durning the BookFair. Thanks for your support.
You are however still welcome to donate to the PTA funds and become a PTA Member. Just click the buttons below:)


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Welcome Back to School 2013-2014

The “Anti-Fundraiser,” T-shirts, and More

About the “Anti-fundraiser Fundraiser”

For those of you who were not able to come to Back to School night or were not able to open the “Kid PTA President” video, let me explain our plan this year.  We are calling it the “Anti- Fundraiser Fundraiser”.  You see, in order to provide the children with great programs like Reflections, Field Day, Book Fair, Running/walking clubs, etc. we need funds which is why the PTA usually has fundraisers.  Community Council is another organization that pays for field trips and Artist in Residence.  They also hold fundraisers to meet those needs.  This year we have decided to avoid the fundraisers by just asking for donations.  This is how it works.  It is a two-part fundraiser.  We are asking for each family to:

1.       Join PTA and/or donate $15 to PTA by sending in the money in the membership envelope that has been sent home or go to to pay online.  Simply put, if every family signed up for PTA Plus we will meet our goal because that is basically membership plus a donation!

PTA Membership Level

2.       Later on in the year the Community Council will hold a cash drive asking every family to donate $30.  More information about that will be coming.

If every family contributes we will not have to do any fundraisers!!  No cookie dough, no wrapping paper, no chocolate!

About the T-shirts:

We would love for all the students and teachers to show their school spirit by purchasing a Windridge Wolves T-shirt and wear it every Friday.  T-shirts can be purchased by sending in money along with the order form or by purchasing online at  We tried to keep the price down so everyone can have one.  For this reason we are giving everyone the PTA Plus price.  They are also the same shirts as last year so hand-me-downs can be used.  If you do not wish to buy a t-shirt just show your school spirit by wearing purple and turquoise every Friday.


About the website:

For all things PTA, go to  It will be a great resource for you to be able to check the calendar, the newsletter, signing up to volunteer and pay for shirts or membership/donations and more.

About the check off list:

A PTA check off list will be sent out which will help you make sure you got everything done and are on your way to helping your kids and the school.  Once you have checked off each category that you would like to do, simply send it back to school with your oldest child going to Windridge and they will be rewarded with a prize for all the students in your family.

Thanks so much, and here’s to a great beginning of a great school year!

Cara Vance

PTA President

Girls Empowerment Night Out

Windridge PTA is excited to present:

 Girls Empowerment Night Out

Who is invited: All 3rd-6th Grades Girls

Date: January 24th, 2013

Time: 6:30-7:30

Where: Windridge Elementary Gym

Bring: A Mom, Aunt, Grandma, Sister, Neighbor, Friend

( If the student is unable to have an adult with her please let the school know and we have several mom’s with

 all boys that would LOVE to fill if needed with your student.)

What: Vikki Carrel is a motivational speaker who’s focus is helping young girls form relationships with other girls that are healthy and successful. Young girls and teens are seeking clarity, empowerment and personal security while attempting to develop the skill sets necessary to overcome difficulties they face on a daily basis. Bullying, harassment, low self-esteem, and social media; are but a fragment of what they must handle every day. These issues are real and much larger and more difficult to cope with than we might imagine.

Whether you are the mother of a child with low self-esteem, or one who is being bullied and not sure where they belongs, or an adult overwhelmed by the stress and imbalances of daily life her program speaks to many issues. She will share tools to help develop strong character, which will eventually lead to empowered lives.


If you are interested in looking more into what Vikki Carrel does

 you can visit her website at

 She will also have her books there that night to buy if you are interested. She has offered to give back 20% of sales to the Windridge PTA.

Welcome Back to School Jan 2013

Up Coming Events for the Rest of the Year…..

Get your calendar out and let’s get these dates on the schedule….Stay posted for a couple of other dates to come…


Jan 18 Speeling Bee

January 21-22 School is out

January 24th from 6:30-7:30 Vikki Carrell GNO girl empowerment

January 28th- Feb 1st SEPS and Book Fair

January 30 Faculty Dinner

Feb 6 PTA meeting 2:00

Feb14 Valentines

Feb 18 Presidents’ Day

Feb 19- Feb 22 White Ribbon Week

Feb 21 Ben Kjar Motivational Speaker

Feb 25-March 1 “Windridge Wolves Care”

March 6 Dad’s and Doughnuts

March 6 PTA meeting 2:00

March 11 Sign up for Talent Show

March 20 Science Night at the School

March 25 Talent Show Try-outs

April 1- Apr 5 Spring Break

April 8 or 15 start back up with the Running Club and Walking Club

April 9 Talent Show 9:00

April 10 PTA meeting 2:00

April 12 Jump Rope Assembly in the Morning

April 15-April 19 Fitness Week

April 29- May 3 Teacher Appreciation

May 1 PTA meeting 2:00

June 5 Field Day



Student Council information…

Windridge Student Council News

(Submitted November 29, 2012)



Student Council sponsored a week of “Giving Thanks to the Military” in celebration of Veteran’s Day.  Flags were put up around the school on Veteran’s Day.  During this week we presented to classes information from interviews from two soldiers.  They told us about what it is like to serve, what their living conditions are like, how their families feel, how long they served,  what their mission was, what the challenges were and how they feel about their country.  They told us how we as citizens can show our appreciation.  Some of the ways we can do this are by:

  1.  Thanking those we see who are in uniform or who have served
  2. Being thankful for our freedom and peace
  3. Being respectful to the flag
  4. Standing up straight and being thoughtful when we are saying the Pledge of Allegiance
  5. Being educated and informed voters

Thank you cards were written by each class and sent to the military from our area.

(Thanks to Savannah Bentley for leading SC on this activity.)


Student Council will be sponsoring a few Christmas activities.

  1. One of them is giving out candy canes to wish students a Merry Christmas.
  2. On Monday, December 10, “Cool to Care” about others…As the Holiday season is upon us the Student  Council would like to help the children of Windridge understand how many children in Utah are in need of food, housing and even Christmas. We live in such a wonderful neighborhood and city that we forget many are not as fortunate as we are.  In 2011 591,089 children were enrolled in a Utah school out of those children, 13,378 were listed as homeless. In Utah 1 out of every 7 children are in need of food and/or shelter.  During Lunch on Monday December 10 the student council will be painting noses to help the children see how many children are in need.  We would like to encourage the children and their families to remember the less fortunate this time of year. Hopefully, we can teach the children to be mindful of others needs and realize that even if their donation is very small, it will be a great help to others. There are many places locally that you can donate to, Horizon Credit Union provides “Warm the Soles”  all cash donations go directly to Davis county people in need of shoes. Utah food Bank in Layton takes food donations and gift donations for Christmas, the food and toys stay in Davis County. Toys for Tot boxes are available at Walmart, Shopko and Toys R Us.   One toy or one can of soup can make all the difference in someone’s life.


(Thanks to Ryan Anderson for leading SC on this activity.)

“Cool to Care” about the environment.  Student Council is encouraging students to make a Christmas Tree ornament out of recyclable materials.  Bring them to school between December 3-14th and hang them on the tree by the office.  They need to be less than 5 inches round or square, made totally of recycled material, and have name and teacher’s name on it.  Prizes will be given for most creative, silliest Santa, shiniest, most colorful, most recyclable things, best show of Christmas spirit.

(Aspen LeBaron is leading SC on this activity.)


Josh Hall

Student Council Secretary


Coming and Going’s at Windridge this Month….

The Month of October has flown by. We had a wonderful month with Red Ribbon Week where we had an Assembly from the K-9 unit that came and showed the kids how the drug dogs work and why not to do drugs. I even got to have one of the dogs attack my arm like it was a “bad guy”. It was a little scary. The weather was a little tricky so some of our activities were cancelled, but Michelle Stephens and her volunteers did a great job helping to educate the kids. JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!!

REFLECTIONS…..”Magic of a Moment…”
I also just wanted to let you know that our Reflections Contest is going on till the end of the week.  All entries are due on the 9th. If you go under the Reflections tab on the site you will be able to see the forms and rules for Reflections. It is a fun theme and we look forward to seeing all of the creativity that the kids can come up with.

Starting this week we also are able to go onto the Scholastic Book Fair Website and start ordering books.

If you go to the above link you will be able to see how you can shop early, have grandparents shop for your kids and have them delivered here to the school, and see a much larger inventory than what we will have at the school. We have a goal to reach 2000.00 in book sales. If we can reach this we will be able to add books to many of the classrooms and also the Library at the school. We have AWESOME readers at Windridge and know that we can make our goal. Please contact Lisa Hyde or Monica Monson with any questions that you might have…..

RED RIBBON WEEK October 22-26

Red Ribbon Week begins Monday October 22nd. Michelle Stephens and helpers have put a lot of work into Red Ribbon Week. The purpose of Red Ribbon Week is to teach the

students the effect of drugs or alcohol on their body and minds, to help them commit to a healthy drug free lifestyle,

and to make them aware of bullying and the need to be kind to all.

Monday:”I will say NO to drugs”

  • Kick off with an Assembly from the Davis County K-9 Unit. They are bringing their drug dogs and will show the students things that they have the dogs do.
  • Students will receive a re WRISTBAND which they should wear all week.
  • Students will get their hands stamped at lunch recess with a “SAY NO TO DRUGS” stamp.

Tuesday: “Too Bright to Do Drugs”

  • Wear sunglasses to school
  • Wristband number drawing
  • Pledge banner at lunch recess-”Hand in Hand We Make a Stand…No to DRUGS and BULLYING”

Wednesday: “Scare Away Drugs”

  • Do your hair in a crazy/scary way
  • Wristband number drawing
  • Activity at lunch recess

Thursday: “I’m a ‘Jean’ius. I don’t do drugs or bully others”

  • Wear jeans and/or red clothing to school
  • Wristband number drawing
  • Activity at lunch recess

Friday: “Sock it to Drugs and Bullying”

  • Wear mismatched/silly socks to school
  • Wristband number drawing
  • “Bully-Free Zone at Lunch Recess

If you are interested in helping this week please call Mindi Edstrom 801-721-1082 or Michelle Stephens 801-451-6686.


Busy Busy Week…

The PTA has been BUSY this week. Yesterday kicked off our WALKING CLUB out on the walking track at lunch recess. It has been so fun to see the kids get excited to start collecting a foot for every 4 times they go around the track. We are keeping track of the miles walked or run to add to our Miles to the Magic Kingdom Challenge. The students love it and it is a fun way to keep them active. Thanks to all of the volunteers who are helping with this!

Green Ribbon week also started yesterday. Monyca Nelson is doing a great job kicking that off. Today the students were given a treat as they walked, rode bikes, and scooters to school. Wednesday is “WEAR GREEN” day. Students will be given prizes for the most amount of GREEN. On Thursday at the lunch we will have a helmet demonstration to show the NEED to wear a helmet as we try to break bike helmets while dropping a cantelope wearing a helmet. Let’s hope it works. The students have been put into the drawing and have been able to receive some prizes.

Running Club also started today after school. We have some of the best coaches out their to help these kids get moving. Thanks Amy Uboldi and Whitney Hall for making running club so fun. Send your students out to run and they get to be part of a fun club and even get a FREE t-shirt. Thanks ladies.

Hope you got your forms in for Vision Screening on Wednesday. Thanks to Sara Cullimore for her help and to all those that have offered to come and help with the testing. We really couldn’t do it with out all of you!!!!

And your Emergency Packets will be coming home with your students tomorrow night. Please fill them and return them back to your students classroom by the 24th of September. You never know when we will need to be prepared. Thanks Jolene Larsen for taking the time to put those together for us.

Ok…take a deep breath now. We have almost finished our craziness for the first of the year….
But not until Monday the 24th. You are not going to want to miss the FIRST ANNUAL WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL–SILLY SOCK WALK. I will be putting information up on the site to keep you posted on all that is going on that night. It will be a GREAT time to come and spend with your family. Come eat dinner, help reach our goal of 702 miles that night. We will also be selling the shirts, hats, cinch sacks, and hoodies that night and you will also have the pleasure be able to JOIN THE PTA!!!! We are short memberships this year and are hoping to be able to catch back up. So plan on coming and having a great time.

Thanks to all of you who are posting your volunteer time in the school. That seems to be working great!!!!
Ok…that is all for tonight, I am off to bed

Back to School Speech 9-4-2012

Welcome to back to school morning….
I don’t know about you but my alarm went off I hit snooze as many times as I could.
I just wanted to thank you for making the effort to come this morning. It is an outward showing of an inward commitment.. We all love our children and want the best for them. That is why I accepted the chance to be PTA president.. I love this community, I love this school, I love the teachers, and I really love the students and their parents.

I am really excited about a couple of new things this year. But before I get to those I just want to thank the previous PTA president from our school. Because of all of their efforts and hard work we were able to donate 15 iPads to our school this summer. Many of your children will be able to have then in their rooms and for those who don’t, we want to help find a way to make it happen. So thank you to them.

So just a couple housekeeping items. Please use the office to sign in as you help volunteer at the school. We know that some of you come sliding in by the skin of your teeth and don’t have the time to get to the computer. We will have a clip boards by the doors to allow you to sign in this way also. The volunteer hours help us keep our tax exempt status as a 501-C4.

I am excited about a couple of new things this year.
1- We are selling caps for the students to wear. We want to let them wear them the first Friday of the month. Please let your children know that if it gets to crazy…we won’t be able to have the privilege anymore…but if they are good about it…then maybe we I’ll be ble to wear them more. Nudge Nudge Mrs. Zimmerman.

2- I want to do a big push for fitness this year. We a doing a lot of things for it. First of all we have the running club that is going to be on Tuesday as long as weather permits. We will also be starting the walking club in a couple of weeks. And we want to do a “Silly Sock Walk” as a way to promote family activity and to have a wonderful night with our community. All the miles that will be accumulated will be added up to see if we can walk enough miles to get to the Magic Kingdom wether in California or Florida. We will have a chart showing the progress of your children. So let’s start walking!!!

3- Another thing that I am excited about is
We knew that your morning was going to be crazy and we wanted to simplify it as much as possible so we came up with away to purchase t-shirts, sign up for your PTA member, sign up to help volunteer with the PTA cause we need your help:) , a way to follow the school and PTA calendar, place to read the newsletter, see photos of the students and get information about reflections. You can do it all from your home:)
So before you go, please either get a t-shirt form that you can fill out and have your child return, purchase your items today, or simply go on line and do it tonight when your kids are back in bed before 9:00:)

I want to simplify this year because I know that time and money are both getting hard to come by. So all I ask is your help and support so that nobody gets over burdened with the load. Quality vs.Quantity

Thanks for your support and patience….here is to a wonderful new year..
And if you ever have any questions or comments you are welcome to email me at mindi@ It is on the paper outside…l

Here we go to a “Magical”Year!!!